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Overland Park City Council including my opponent Ward 6 Councilman Rick Collins has refused to pass a proposal to allow residents to speak at council meetings. Well, today is the day he must listen. LET'S SPEAK LOUD, CLEAR, AND IN FORCE and elect SCOTT HAMBLIN!

I promise to immediately vote to pass policy allowing you to voice your opinion to the council.

I also promise to work WITH residents instead of against them. I will listen to what you want, need, and desire then act for us. Lets lose the status quo of thinking the council knows what is best for you. This has gone on way too long. Our Ward 6 council member can no longer continue to vote AGAINST his own constituents! He can no longer "consider" issues then suprise vote against you like a true politician.

Just in the recent past Rick Collins has fought against his constituents in almost every location. You know who you are,

-Ryans Run - The Wilderness - Morse Village - Arbor View - Wolf Valley - The Executive Estates at 175th & Antioch, and many more.

If you have not yet had him use his "experience" as a career politician to tell you whats best for you, consider yourself lucky and avoid being next!

The next four years are critical and we need someone to stand up for us, the residents of Ward 6. Someone to listen and act on our behalf, not on a lobbyists behalf lowering the quality of your neighborhoods and place we call home. Let's take control back from a career politician and give it back to the residents!



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