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The City of Overland Park and developers currently have their eyes set on Ward 6. Over the next four years they will be attempting to commercialize every open inch. Our vote as residents is extremely important this election. Status quo tells us that we will not have any say in what and when development happens. As too many of us are aware, we would be considered lucky to even know what is being built. This election may be the only way we have any control over what the area we call home is four years from now. We must show up at the polls.

- We need a resident free of influence to represent US and not a heavily influenced professional politician representing
commercial interests.

- I promise to fight with you for what we need and what we deserve.

- I promise to vote NO and represent the residents interests on what we do not want.

- I promise the end the all too common surprise developments that are shovel ready before you even know about the plan.  This information needs to be distributed well before the required public meeting where they pretend to take your input on an all but completed development.


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